Thanks for your interest in The Naked Photographer. My name's Blake.
I've been a professional photographer in various capacities for almost a decade now. During the pandemic I thought to myself "I've been photographing for so long, but I've never done nudes" and I endeavored to fix that. I hopped on Grindr and offered portraits to anyone who wanted them, getting myself blocked more times than I can count.
I quickly learned that I really enjoy doing nude portraits, especially of queer folx! This eventually turned into this little side-gig. Yes, I charge for my services, but this whole project is so much more important than money. 
Each person I photograph teaches me something new. I love the energy, connection, and shared humanity in working on nude portraiture together. Its an inherently intimate and vulnerable experience, and I always want my subjects to walk away feeling better about themselves. And, yes, I'm usually naked myself when photographing. It helps break down barriers. (Though of course I wouldn't be if asked not to.) Each session starts with a conversation about comfort levels, boundaries, and desires for the photo shoot.
To me, its all an exercise in body positivity and self-love. 
If you'd like to talk or schedule a session, message me on Instagram, or send me an email at
I set up my mobile studio throughout the summer at The Woods Campground. Please check out my events page for upcoming dates if you'd like to schedule a session while you're there. Otherwise, I'm located in North NJ and use an independent studio in Fairfield NJ for one-off sessions. Feel free to reach out to discuss details for that. 
Thanks for visiting my portfolio
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